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Therapy & Counseling

Therapy/Counseling involves working with individuals, couples, and families on a wide range of issues. Oftentimes, those who seek therapy/counseling are regular people, struggling with various issues. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment that will foster healing, growth, and change.  

School-Age Children, Teens & Adolescents

Counseling for school-age children may involve some of the following issues: Anger/Defiant Issues, Behavioral/Conduct Issues, Bullying, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Grief/Loss, Foster Care & Adoption Issues, and Peer Relationship Issues

Adult Therapy

Adult therapy may involve some of the following issues: Anxiety & Depression, Relationship Problems, Divorce- Adjustment, Reproductive/Fertility Issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Stress, Family Conflict, Life-Transition issues, Terminal Illness, Intimate Partner Violence, Grief & Loss, & Other Mental & Emotional Issues

Family Therapy/Counseling

Family therapy or family counseling is designed to address specific issues that affect the family's overall well-being. 

Counseling may involve some of the following issues: 

 Co-Parenting, Family Conflict, Divorce, Child &Parent Conflict, Terminal Illness, Trauma, and Mental & Emotional Issues.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

In marriage and couples counseling individuals work on identifying specific areas of conflict and/or aspects of the relationship that they would like to change. Counseling may involve some of the following issues:

 Premarital-Counseling, Communication Issues, Child Rearing, Extramarital Affair, Finances, & Blended Families

Grief Counseling 

Grief Counseling involves helping individuals work through the pain of grief and loss, which includes identifying healthy ways to cope with the pain. The healing and recovery process is different for everyone; however, the therapist is there to offer support and guidance to help the individual restore his or her peace and happiness.